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40 Tons 40t Heavy Forklift FD400

40 Tons 40t Heavy Forklift FD400

HNF-400 Rated load: 40,000 kgs Load center:1200 mm Operating weight: 53,000 kgs Wheel base: 5,000 mm Email: claire@socmachinery.com

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    40 tons 40t heavy forklift FD400  vs Kalmar, Hyster, Sany, Konecranes, TCM, CVS   

    1. Routine examination

    1. Liquid surface

    Below the rated level, the battery life will be shortened, and the electrolyte is too small to cause the battery to heat and damage. Therefore, it must be often paid attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient.

    2. A terminal, a wire, a lid

    The corrosion of the junction of the battery junction and the connection of the wire to the wire must be checked regularly. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the cover is deformed and whether there is a fever.

    3. Appearance

    The dirty surface of the battery will cause electricity leakage and make the battery surface clean and dry at any time.

    40 tons 40t heavy forklift FD400  vs Kalmar, Hyster, Sany, Konecranes, TCM, CVS


    Two. Maintenance

    1. Water adding

    Add distilled water according to the prescribed level, do not add too much distilled water to prolong the interval between adding water, adding too much water electrolyte will overflow, resulting in leakage of electricity.

    2, charging

    In the process of charging, the battery will produce gas. It should be kept well ventilated and there is no clear fire around it. At the same time, the oxygen and acid gas produced in the charging process will affect the surrounding.  When the charging plug is removed during the charging, the arc will be generated. After the charger is switched off, the plug can be unplugged. After charging, a lot of hydrogen is left around the battery. No open flame is allowed. The cover plate on the battery should be opened for charging.

    3, the maintenance of terminals, conductors and covers must be carried out by professional and technical personnel designated by the manufacturer.

    4. If the cleaning is not too dirty, you can wipe it with a wet cloth. If it is very dirty, you should unload the battery from the car and wash it with water to make it dry naturally.

    40 tons 40t heavy forklift FD400  vs Kalmar, Hyster, Sany, Konecranes, TCM, CVS

    Three. Safekeeping

    1. The place of storage

    It can not be short-circuited because the rain may cause short-circuiting fire, and may produce a small amount of hydrogen, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated, cool place.

    2. Waste battery

    The waste battery still has electricity, and it should be kept in accordance with the storage method used.

    Four. The operation of electrolyte

    1. Check the specific gravity using inhalation hydrometer to check the specific gravity, do not let the electrolyte spill out during the operation, and wear protective equipment.

    2, operations other than inspection should be consulted by professionals, especially when electrolytes (dilute sulphuric acid) are added.

    3. Electrolyte leakage

    40 tons 40t heavy forklift FD400  vs Kalmar, Hyster, Sany, Konecranes, TCM, CVS

    Due to battery overturn and breakage leading to electrolyte leakage, emergency handling should be carried out immediately.

    Five, the operation of the battery in the end of life

    1. The electrolyte in the cell battery decreases very quickly when the operating battery is near the end of life. Distilled water should be added daily.

    2. Treatment of waste storage battery

    For waste batteries, extract the electrolyte and decompose the battery. It can be talked about whether the battery manufacturer is reclaimed.

    Six. Emergency treatment

    1. The electrolyte is splashed on the skin and flushed with a large amount of water

    2. The electrolyte is splashed to the eyes and rinsed with plenty of water and then treated by a professional doctor.

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