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30 Tons 30t Container Forklift FD300

30 Tons 30t Container Forklift FD300

HNF-300H Duplex 8100mm mast Rated load: 30,000 kgs Load center:1250 mm Operating weight: 45,000 kgs Wheel base: 4,800 mm Email: claire@socmachinery.com

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    30 tons 30t container forklift FD300, SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,TCM, CVS  

    It's summer. I believe that many of our forklift drivers work with high water temperature. The problem of high temperature of hydraulic oil. In fact, in summer, some owners think antifreeze will be high in summer. Actually, no, he started boiling when he reached 100 degrees. And the antifreeze 100 degree is not open. Like my car is the whole year's antifreeze. It's extremely bad for the engine of the car when you start cooking. If the water is added, the water tank is easy to rust, and the water tank is blocked. It is also necessary to clean the water tank. And the water is also easily rotten. Cause water tank leakage. In the summer, check the water level of the tank antifreeze. This should be checked regularly, because it is so hot in summer, and he can not consume a bit without working. It should be checked once in 1-3-5 days. In order to avoid unnecessary loss of water.

    30 tons 30t container forklift FD300, SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,TCM, CVS  

    Before the summer comes, we should simply clean the radiator of the water tank, so as not to plug the radiator with ash, resulting in poor heat dissipation.  Go to the car wash shop and rinse from the back to the radiator with a water gun. Be careful here! The pressure of the water gun can't be adjusted high! To adjust the bottom! It can't be sprayed. It must be straight. You can't squint.  Otherwise, the radiator blades will be flatten, so that the heat dissipation function of the water tank is even worse. (from outside to spray water and mud can be sprayed onto the engine. I personally think it's not necessary. I often do this.)

    What do you do if your car is boiling at high temperature? Do not open the pot and put out the fire. We should stop working at once and idle down the car to cool itself. When the water temperature drops a little, you can increase the throttle, the fan will speed a little higher, but can not open the pot immediately on the big throttle, that will continue to open the pot, even up the cylinder!  Also! Don't open the lid of the water tank to avoid hurting people!!! The opening of the pot proves that the car has a problem. First you have to see the severity of the rust of the water tank. Wash the water tank if it's rusty. Not much rust, or no rust. I suggest you try changing the thermostat first. My car had this problem once last year. The work is less than 10 minutes to guarantee the opening. It's good to change the thermostat. If the thermostat doesn't work, check the pumps, pipes and so on. There is also a forklift in the summer to see too much hydraulic oil, look at the ruler, put more points. Too much heat is not good. His own car should know how to maintain him! He's like a man. You are good to him and he'll do it to you.

    30 tons 30t container forklift FD300, SOCMA brand vs Kalmar, Hyster, Konecranes, Sany,TCM, CVS  

    The forklift is so big. It's so hot in summer. The high temperature is not a problem at work. The water temperature is no more than 95. The hydraulic oil temperature of the torque converter does not exceed 120. The best is the difference between the temperature of the water and the temperature of the hydraulic oil 15-20 degrees. You don't have to get the money. How much is the change of the water temperature meter? Compare your car with water and pinch the tiles. What do you calculate?

    Summer has arrived. Heh heh, car owners, install the air-conditioner on your car. Don't be too reluctant to spend money. It's also comfortable to install the air conditioner driver. He can help you work more. Or else the driver is suffering! Now the air conditioning is about 2000. My car has just been installed a few days ago. Ha ha, comfortable. If your car is on the job, I recommend a location for the installation of the air conditioning radiator. I feel very good about myself. 1 does not affect the line of sight, does not affect the reversing. 2 also helps the engine to dissipate heat.

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