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15 Tons 15t Heavy Forklift FD150

15 Tons 15t Heavy Forklift FD150

Email: claire@socmachinery.com HNF-150 Rated load: 15,000 kgs Load center: 600 mm Operating weight: 23,000 kgs Wheel base: 3,800 mm

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    Email: claire@socmachinery.com  

    15 tons 15t heavy forklift FD150

    Forklift is suitable for all industries, but it is very difficult to buy a suitable forklift truck. Such as electric forklift or internal combustion forklift, or even choose a small electric forklift, such as electric stacker, electric pallet? These are puzzles!

    So how to choose more suitable forklift for us? In fact, the most important thing is to follow the two principles: first, choose to meet your demands; second, select the forklift with performance of stable, affordable .

    15 tons 15t heavy forklift FD150

    First of all, you need to be clear that you want to buy a forklift in what circumstances, what conditions to use? Electric forklift, electric stacker, electric pallet generally suitable for indoor use, because the battery can not meet outdoor work when rain , and the ground conditions also decide whether to chooseinternal combustion forklifts,electric forklift with a large tire ,Ifthe place often rain, then need to select the internal combustion forklift, because the internal combustion forklift generally have a perfect cab, roof and windshield.

    second ,you use the forklift to do what?

    Obviously, electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, electric stacker trucks, manual stackers, forward forklifts, etc. are equipped with handling and stacking loading and unloading functions, but if you simply use it to occasionally move cargo, then I suggest that you buy electric pallet or manual pallet,because they are enough to do the work; and for the use of high frequency, you can choose manual power and electric power and even diesel-powered forklift.

    15 tons 15t heavy forklift FD150

    If you use it to move the goods!

    Well, it's easy to choose one betweenthe electric pallet and the manual pallet.If you need handling frequency is high, and high working efficiency,I suggest you choose electric pallet, on the contrary choose manual pallet!Secondly, we should pay attention to the matching degree of pallet and fork, the weight of goods and the width of fork. The height of fork should be within the height of tray hole, otherwise it cannot be used!

    If you use it to stack the goods!

    You have a lot of options,you need to decide lifting height, use frequency, the weight ofcargo, width of fork. Remember when choice , you must start from your needs, not the higher the better, not the bigger the load the better.It is suitable for yourself and meet your needs,Otherwise, the pursuit of more functions and features the best forklift, undoubtedly the price is very high, but after buying back, most functions are abandoned in the state.

    15 tons 15t heavy forklift FD150

    Consider the cost

    Cost is the content which necessary to be considered.Buy forklift must have a budget or the bottom price in your heart.To ensure that the budget within the circumstances, from the following three principles: 1, forklift performance and forklift life; 2, forklift characteristics and advantages 3, the price of forklift.

    Selection of parts!

    15 tons 15t heavy forklift FD150

    In comparison with the parts, you need to list a table first, marked out which are essential and which are secondary, and then began to fork out the forklift style, it is best to choose the most suitable for your forklift, such as thesolid tires, 1.5M radius of the turn, etc.How important are they to your purchase of forklifts? It is necessary, or it is best to have, and these should be clearly defined.

    Buy forklift, you need to find a forklift style, model more complete place to buy, so that there is relatively large room for purchase.For example, LTMA forklift has a good forklift style and model, as well as the after-sales service.So you through the above steps, it is easy to choose a suitable forklift for your own use!


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