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What is 45 ton reach stacker?
- Sep 30, 2018 -

Forklift reach stacker , short for container front crane, referred to as frontal crane, commonly known as container front hoist. The front hoist is a type of crane used for loading and unloading containers. It is a type of lifting equipment and can also be said to be a mobile machine. The 45 ton reach stacker is specially designed for 20-foot and 40-foot international containers. It is mainly used for container stacking and horizontal transportation in terminals and stackers. Compared with forklifts, it is flexible, easy to operate, and has good stability. The bottom is higher, the number of stacking layers is high, and the utilization rate of the yard is high. Can be used for cross-box work. It is especially suitable for container loading and unloading in small and medium-sized ports, railway transfer stations and highway transfer stations, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment in large container terminals.


The front hoist consists of three parts: Engineering machinery chassis, telescopic boom, container spreader, etc. The chassis has engine, power shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, frame, counterweight, wheels and other components. The telescopic boom has telescopic cylinders, pitch cylinders, booms and other components; the container crane has rotating mechanism, upper frame, coupling frame, chassis, telescopic frame, telescopic cylinder, anti-sloshing cylinder, side shifting cylinder, and rotary lock cylinder.

45 Ton Reach Stacker