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3.5 Ton 3.5t LPG Forklift

3.5 Ton 3.5t LPG Forklift

3,500kg capacity, 3000mm mast, 1070mm fork, hydraulic transmission, dual fuel

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    3.5T LPG Forklift Truck

    SOCMA gasoline forklift truck mainly includes FG35T, FG40T, FG45T and FG50T models. It has a float type body with a double damping system. This petrol forklift is of smaller turning radius and perfect streamline outline. With good performance, it is suitable for loading heavy cargoes. In consideration of the exhaust gas emission and noise problem, this counterbalance forklift truck is usually used in the outdoors. The gasoline engine is characterized by small dimension, light weight, high output power, low noise, small vibration and low price. SOCMA is a professional manufacturer and supplier of petrol forklifts in China. Our company is also committed to producing 1.5-10T diesel forklift truck and 1.5-4T electric forklift. We can manufacture forklift trucks according to customers' requirements.

    · Competitive Advantages

    · We have got 13 patent certificates. Our company is one of the state-level high-tech enterprises. It is also the engineering and technological research center of industrial forklift truck.

    · The engine of gasoline forklift truck is energy efficient and powerful. We provide high-quality and efficient maintenance service.

    · SOCMA 3.5T petrol forklift is designed to meet a variety of safety standards and specifications. It can meet the needs of various harsh working conditions.

    · With superior operating performance, the gasoline forklift truck can reduce fatigue. Integrated operation system makes it easy to manipulate.

    · The opening angle of internal combustion engine hood can increase 83° to the maximum. This facilitates point inspection.

    · The engine hood of this petrol forklift is equipped with an air spring device, so it can be opened and closed easily and is convenient for maintenance periodically.

    Main Parts
    3.5T gasoline forklift truck is mainly made up of engine, transmission, operating control device, working device, hydraulic system and electric system.

    · Attentions

    · Customers need to fully know the working environment, the maximum load and the maximum lifting height of petrol forklift trucks and then choose appropriate models and configurations.

    · Only the drivers who have been trained and hold driving license can drive this forklift truck.

    · Check each control and alarm device before driving the gasoline forklift truck. If there is damage or defect, it must be operated after repair.

    · Stable starting, steering, driving, braking and stopping are quite necessary. When we drive the 3.5T petrol forklift on wet or slippery road, we need to slow down while steering.

    · The pallet fork should insert below the cargoes and make cargoes distribute evenly on the fork. It is prohibited to use a single fork tip to pick the cargoes.

    · Customers need to pay attention to daily maintenance of gasoline forklift trucks.

    Packaging and Transportation
    Shipping By Container.

    Features    1Manufacturer                         

    Power shift T/M          FG35T
    Manual shift T/M       FG35C
    3Load capacity                        
    4Load center 
    5Power unit  

    6Operator type

    7Tire type  Front/rear
    8Wheel  Front/rear 
    Dimension  9Max. lifting height                   
    10Free lift                                 
    11Fork size          L*W*Tmm1070*125*50
    12Tilt range                                Mast forward/backward             deg6/12
    13Overall length(without fork)     
    14Total width  
    15Mast height (fork lowering)    
    16Overall height fork raised       With backrest                              mm4250
    17Height to head guard              
    18Turning raduis(outside)           
    19Front face of fork to front axle
    20Min. right angle stacking aisle   without load length&clearence                     mm2940
    Performance   21Speed  Max Travelling         full/no load  km/h18/19.5
    22Lifting              full/no load     mm/s450/500
    23Lowering         full/no load               mm/s450/420
    24Max.drawbar pull                   Power shift T/M      full/no load                                       kg1800/1000
    Manual shift T/M       full/no load                                       kg1900/1000
    25Gradeability at 1.6km/h          Power shift T/M      full/no load                                       %17/20
    Manual shift T/M       full/no load                                       %17/20
    Weight            26Truck weight 
    27Weight  distribution             Full  load              front/rear      kg7260/850
    28No  load               front/rear        kg1840/2770
    Frame           29Tires                                       Number front/rear 2/2
    30Model front axle 28x9-15-12PR
    31rear axle 6.50-10-10PR
    33Tread                                               Front/rearmm1060/970
    34Ground clearence                  At lowest point(mast)                 mm120
    Frame mm135
    35Brake                                            Service  brake 
    Hydraulic-foot peda                                            
    Parking brake 
    Mechanical-hand lever                                       
    Engine   36Battery                                          Voltage/capacity V/AH12/60
    37Engine                                          Model 
    Nissan K25
    Rated power PS(kw/rpm)51/2300(37.4/2300)
    Rated torque kg-m    max.(N.m)18/1600(177/1600)
    Number of cylinders 
    Placement L2.488
    Fuel tank capacityL70
    38Transmission                              Speed forward/backward           Power shift T/M               Manual shift T/M              

    1-1 power shift T/M                           2-2 power shift T/M                                           

    39Operating pressure                    Hydraulic system pressure           kg/cm²180

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